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Surviving an Avalanche

Posted By Jennifer Chrumka on March 17, 2014 7:35 AM

The avalanche risk is considerable for much of the province this week, but until recently it has been high. Jim Gudjonson is a seasoned guide and passionate lover of outdoor sport. He lives with his family in Kamloops. When he’s not skiing or climbing, he’s the Director of Environment and Sustainability at Thompson Rivers University. Three weeks ago Jim had a mountain experience that few live to talk about.  Listen here 


Fitz Cahall


In the words of skier, climber, parent and husband Roger Strong, it’s the act of learning from our mistakes “that makes life really sweet.” In the f

ace of a devastating back-country injury that left Strong confined to a wheelchair for months, he was forced to ponder his own decisions, mistakes and choices. An inspiration in every sense of the word, Strong shows what it means to learn, adapt and persevere.


I am killing people with Avalanches



Am I telling them to ski avalanche prone slopes during a storm?  Am I failing to dig them out once they’re buried or telling them to choose terrain where the consequence is death? No.  But I might as well be.  I might as well be killing people with avalanches because I am part of a culture that is killing people with avalanches.  I am part of a generation that worships the philosophy “Live Fast, Die Young”.  And this culture is killing people every year.  Is it only a matter of time before I’m next?

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