The Responder Alliance

Laura Mcgladrey is a powerful force in leading stress injury training and awareness, check out the site responder alliance.

Responder Alliance Ambassador program

Psychological First Aid tools are available to all responder types and should on not be relegated to use only by mental health professionals. The most crucial time for support of stress injury formation is when the injury has occured in the field, or upon returning home. Change occurs at a cultural level. Climbers, rescuers, humanitarians, nurses, cops, firefighters, medics- ie- all of us should be the ones responding. We understand that culture changes from inside one’s own culture. Because PFA and stress injuries need to be addressed by those who speak our language, we are training ambassadors who already speak the language of law enforcement, rescue, climbing, fire and wilderness to teach these tools. Find an ambassador who speaks your language to come and speak to your tribe.

Or become an ambassador yourself. Contact for more information.