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Providing education, resources, and support to survivors, family and friends of those involved in Adventure Accidents.

I’m so glad you made it here, SOAR is here to provide you with resources and education.  Please visit and participate in our blog. If you have any questions contact us at

Our vision is to support survivors in a healthy life after accidents by self care,  staying connected to their communities, and continuing to participate in their adventures.

Taking it to the extreme: Counseling and adventure sports By Bethany Bray
18 Mar


There is a saying often repeated among people who skydive, bungee jump, white water raft ...

Human Factor
10 Dec


The Risk of Adventure Sports
29 Nov


Healing Pilgrim- Stories about travel, healing, walking & life By: Amit
05 Sep


Interesting Blog, Amit had a random accident while traveling via bike. What an amazing ...

MYSTICISM AND MOUNTAINS-Climbing, Risk Assessment, Opinion  //  by Will Gadd, Photography by Brian Goldstone
21 May


All of us who have sat with our backs against a sun-warmed slab of mountain learn one ...

THE BENEFITS OF DANGER- Editorial  //  by Jill Macdonald
07 May


Of all the dangers we face in the outdoors, the most difficult one is that of trust. The ...

The Risks We Take- By Tree
27 Apr


From the blog, Sprinter Life-Reclaiming the pursuit of happiness It was June, 1997, and ...