Sherry D’Andrea, Licensed Professional Counselor. I specialize in resolving sports related traumas and increasing performance. My experience includes nearly 10 years as a therapist, working with adults, children, and families on trauma resolution, in a variety of settings. I am trained in evidence-based EMDR Therapy, and an emerging brain-body based therapy called Brainspotting. I also have experience and training in Motivational Interviewing (MI), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Attachment Focused Family Therapy (AFFT), mindfulness, and play therapy.

Her Story

Since moving to Colorado many years ago, I found a home in the mountains and a passion for mountain sports. A climber for 13 years, you can often find me in the alpine! Whether it’s climbing, running, skiing, or navigating an airy ridge line scramble, I thrive on big days in the mountains.

Injury, loss, and other traumatic experiences are inherent risks in these endeavors.  As a therapist, I know how these experiences can impact our health and overall wellbeing, as well as our love for the sport. This is what ultimately drove me to start my practice. I understand the risks and stressors of sports and seek to provide an authentic, collaborative, and effective approach to heal emotional trauma, find wellness, and regain passion and motivation.

Her Approach

I value a strong, trusting relationship with each of my clients, and provide a safe and accepting space. I use a collaborative and client-centered approach and incorporate various forms of therapy throughout sessions.

My primary methods of treatment are EMDR Therapy and Brainspotting, because of their ability to work rapidly and effectively. These are both brain-based modalities, based on the concept that our brains want to and are capable of healing themselves. Both EMDR Therapy and Brainspotting tend to accelerate therapy as they bypass much of the verbal processing found in traditional therapy. They can be used as primary forms of treatment, or can be used in addition to more traditional approaches.

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