Adventure Coaching

Through Adventure Coaching Sandy Kobrock offers life coaching focused on decisions, as it is from individual decisions that you create your life.  Whether it’s completing that book you have been putting off writing, or replacing overwhelm with peace, Adventure Coaching can help.

Sandy has trained as a life coach with the Coaches Training Institute, Enwaken Coaches Training, Radical Forgiveness Coaching. She has been  a corporate trainer, a  ski patrol director, a mountain guide/instructor, and river guide. Sandy has years of experience making (good and bad) decisions in high risk environments.

Sandy Kobrock and Mark Mueller own and operate Wolf Creek Backcountry’s Pass Creek Yurt and the Wolf Creek Avalanche School. Theyhave 50+ combined years of operational avalanche field work, avalanche education, and backcountry experience including extended ski tours in Colorado, the Sierra Nevada, the Cascades, British Columbia, and Europe.

If you would like to contact Sandy please email her and include in the subject line “let’s connect”.